TANGO - Sun Conure
See our newest foster child, Tango. He is a spicy chili pepper, 17-year-old male Sun Conure. He does speak "Conure" with "bye bye" and "night night" -- he works better with women, then men -- but he is working on that. He has a beautiful whistle and loves peanuts, bells, and toys. This little boy is in need of a home -- his owner passed away. If you have room in your house and a place in your heart

SKITTLES - Green Cheek Conure

Skittles is a 6 year old Green Cheek Conure.  He is very friendly, loves attention and loves sitting on my shoulder while watching TV.

He gets very excited when you come home and he sees you, cannot wait to be let out.  Would do great with a family that can pay lots of attention to him.

SUNNY AND PAULIE - Sun Conure & Blue Crown Conure

Sunny and Paulie are both 8 years old, and have been together their entire lives, and must be adopted together. They are both wonderful birds, and are very handle-able. They are being fostered in Clermont, FL, so if you're interested in meeting them, just send us an email, and we will contact you to make arrangements for you to meet them!

PINEY & MANGO - Pineapple Green Cheek and Sun Conures

Piney and Mango are a bonded pair, and must be adopted together. We don't know their ages, but they appear to be pretty young. They have very inquisitive personalities, and are adorable. They do not step up onto your finger, we are working on that....but they will step off the cage onto your shoulder.

ABBY - Sun Conure

Abby is a 4 year old Sun Conure, who is an absolute love bug! She will spend hours with you on your shoulder, and just love to be with you! Come see her and fall in LOVE!

KIWI - Blue Crown Conure

Kiwi is one of two Blue Crowns, both named Kiwi, from the same home. She talks quite a bit, and is quite entertaining, but will need some socialization to be fully handle-able. Her sister fits the exact same description, but has been adopted.

MALIBU - Turquise Green Cheek Conure

Malibu is a 4 year old, rarely seen Turquoise Green Cheek. He has an amazing personality, and if full of entertainment and fun!


KIKI - Gold Capped Conure

Kiki is absolutely adorable! She would ride around on your shoulder and give you kisses all day long if you let her! She can be loud however, and will not be a good bird for condo or apartment dwellers.



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